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recordXpress is a product of The Music Business Registry and Data Fabrication, Inc.

Product information

recordXpress is a web-based application that "serves" you with updated, live contact information from everyone in the music, film and TV industries. Every company and contact is listed with email addresses, phone and fax numbers, address, website, assistant contact information, style, distributor, credits and more.

The product is fueled by the industry leader in contact list management, The Music Registry, a company which supplies the record industry with the most comprehensive and accurate list of A&R reps, music industry executives, film and television personnel, artist managers, and more.

Packages and sets
Our standard package offerings are the following: A&R Directory, Film & TV Directory, Publishers Directory, Legal Directory, and Artist and Business Manager Directory. Each set is then broken down into sub-categories.

Updated live
The great thing about recordXpress is the fact that all records remain updated live! Our team works every day to find changes to current professionals in the directories, as well as hirings and firings in the industry.

Advanced filtering and exporting
Not only can you access one-by-one contacts and companies, with recordXpress you can easily apply search filters to generate your own custom list. Looking for "A&R reps in Chicago, IL"? How about "Music Libraries in NY updated in the past 30 days"? With a few clicks, the list is generated! Then, you can export any list to Excel, Access, Outlook, and other standard formats!

Flexible pricing
You can "build your own plan" with recordXpress. Choose one or more sets from our four categories. Choose exporting or read-only. You only pay for what you're going to use!

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